Welcome to my website Lord’s Ponies.

I breed and show miniature horses and ponies of quality in type, temperament and colour. If you are looking for a show horse or pony or a first mount for the children or grandchildren or perhaps a pet as a companion for someone sick or disabled, maybe a pony or horse was a childhood dream for many yet not fulfilled..then Lord’s Ponies are for you!

Miniatures are suitable for small areas of land, they mow the lawn for you while you relax under a tree with a beverage and bring so much joy to the owner. They supply echo friendly fertilizer for a chemical free vegie garden. These horses and ponies are as cuddly as a dog but do not chase or bark at the postman!

They can open up an entire new world of travel, showing and meeting new friends with similar interests. If your interest extends into breeding, my equines are from American Bloodlines with many National Championships to their credit. These horses and ponies have wonderful temperaments and confirmation. Their colours are varied and beautiful as shown in the photos below.

Lord’s Ponies is situated 10 km from the town of Berry, NSW 4km from Shoalhaven Heads on Coolangatta Rd. Phone for an appointment or leave a message if I am outside and I will get back to you.
I invite you to browse through this site and enjoy my equines as much as I do! 



Apanie Apache Lad:. Tripple registered Brown Dun Tobiano Stallion. Foaled 15/12/97.

Sire: HMC Navajo Shooting Arrow [IMP USA].
Dam: Fernibough Violet

Grand Sire: X-Caliber Little Navajos "Reserve National Grand Champion Senior Stallion" Texas,
Grand Dam: Soats Lil Dove. 6 of  her foals have been "National Top Ten Trophy Champions".

Apache currently is standing at stud.

Service - $350.00 plus agistment if needed.



Tuthaside Miss Inquisitive   aka "Whitney"

2011 Champion U/10.2hh Led Mare, NSW Pinto State Titles

Supreme Champion Led Exhibit U/10.2hh

Dual registered Palomino/Dun Tobiano Miniature Pony Mare

 Bred by K.Price Branxton NSW

Born 30/11/2004   Current height: 81.3cm

Sire:Lavern Farm Red Arrow.
Grand Sire: HCM Navajos Shooting Arrow
Grand Dam: Blazing Arrows Rusty
Dam: Fernihough Miranda
Grand Sire: Kaldora Midnight Magic
Grand Dam: Kaldora Sanchesca

Whitney is for sale. P.O.A.


Lord Valentine

2011 Champion U/10.2hh Led Colt NSW Pinto State Titles          

Dual registered Black Tobiano Miniature Pony Stallion

Born 14/2/09,  Current height  31.3cm = 7.75hh 

Currently Standing at Stud.

Valentine is for sale. P.O.A

Sire: Apanie Apache Lad
Dam: Lord's Bucephalus

A stunning very well mannered stallion. easy in all departments


Apanie Apache Lad   aka "Apache"
2011 Reserve Champion Stallion U/10.2hh NSW Pinto State Titles

P.H.P.A 2006-2007 overall high point country Halter Pinto
P.H.P.A. 2006-2007 High point country Stallion/Colt.

Dual registered Brown/Dun Tobiano Miniature Pony Stallion

Bred by L+S Seekamp. Lower Tenthill QLD.

Born: 15/12/1997   Current height: 32.5" or 82cm           
Currently Standing at Stud

Apache is for sale P.O.A

Sire: HMC Navajo Shooting Arrow
Dam: Fernibough Violet

Lord's Penelope
2011 Champion U/10.2hh Led Filly NSW Pinto State Titles

Dual registered Palomino/Dun Tobiano Miniature Pony Filly

Born 15/11/09.  Current height : 29" or 74cm

Penelope is for sale. P.O.A

Sire: Apanie Apache Lad
Dam: Tuthaside Miss Inquisitive


 Lord's Alexandra

2011 Reserve Champion Led Filly U/10.2hh NSW Pinto State Titles

Dual registered Brown/Dun Tobiano Miniature Pony Filly

Born 19/2/11. Current height : 26.3" or 68cm
Stunning well mannered, lovely little lady.

Alexandra is for sale P.O.A.

Sire: Apanie Apache Lad
Dam: Lord's Bucephalus

Kalongri Mr Tee

Champion U/10.2hh Led Stallion Moss Vale Ag.

Supreme Led Exhibit Moss Vale Ag.

APSB Champion Led Senior Stallion

Miniature Horse now Gelded to ensure better options of obtaining a wonderful new loving home

Green Broken, lovely natured, stunning in the show ring

 - For Sale to the right home. P.O.A


 Lord Navajos X-Caliber

2012 Champion Led Miniature Horse  Berry Ag. Show

2012 Reserve Champion Pinto Berry Ag. Show

Dual registered Chestnut Tobiano Miniature Horse Gelding Sec. B

Green Broken -suit lead-line, halter, performance or Pets as theropy equine
Fantastic natured, sweet and loving.
For Sale: P.O.A

Born 17/9/07. Current height: 35.5"           

Sire: Apanie Apache Lad
Dam: Lord's Charlotte

Lord's Charlotte

Reserve Champion U/10.2hh Led Mare IWRC

Miniature Pony Brood Mare 79cm.
Sweet, loving, easy to handle, rideable/lead line

Suit any family, child, retired person who always wanted a pony

Charlotte is for sale. P.O.A


Black Forest Cherokee

Champion Led Miniature Pony Gelding U/10.2hh Kiama Ag. Show

Champion Palouse Gelding Kiama Ag. Show

Dual Registererd Miniature Pony Gelding Sec. A

Forest is a family pet and not for sale

Apanie Apache Lad

Pets as therapy at Lord's Ponies Berry NSW
Apache is featured with Julie Bridge from Dapto
2011 Reserve Champion Stallion U/10.2hh NSW Pinto State Titles

Dual registered Brown/Dun Tobiano Miniature Pony Stallion
Miniature equine make excellent friends for anyone with a disability

Sire: HCM Navajo Shooting Arrow
Dam: Fernihough Violet


Kalongri Mr Tee

During his breaking-in

Champion U/10.2hh Led Stallion Moss Vale Ag.

Supreme Led Exhibit Moss Vale Ag.

APSB Champion Led Senior Stallion

Miniature Horse Stallion, Gelded to extend his options of a new loving family  
Green Broken -very soft mouth and very responsive on slightest touch. 

For Sale: P.O.A

Lord Phoenix

Champion U/10.2hh Led Miniature Pony Colt at Penrith Ag 2011

Currently Standing at Stud
Current Height: 71 cm

Phoenix enjoys attending nursing homes and dressing-up to entertain

Sire: Apanie Apache Lad
Dam: Tuthaside Miss Inquisitive


Lord Navajos Black Magic

Black Buckskin Sec. B Miniature Horse Mare

Champion U/10.2hh Led Filly Shoalhaven All Breeds

Champion Miniature Horse U/3yrs Albion Park Ag.

Out of Kim-dande Angel by Apanie Apache Lad

Born 7/11/07  B.H. 22"

For Sale: P.O.A